Delaware County

Delaware County, Oklahoma

Delaware County is located in the northeastern part of the state adjoining Ottawa County on the south and the states of Missouri and Arkansas on the west. It contains about seven hundred-fifty square miles of land of variable quality ranging from fertile river bottom lands to rocky flint hills. This section of the state, although important from a historical standpoint, is somewhat isolated by reason of the fact that its county seat and its largest town have no railroad connections with the other towns of Oklahoma. In olden times Delaware district wielded a great influence in Cherokee affairs and some […]

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Delaware County, Oklahoma ~ Towns

Grove Grove has a canning factory, two elevators, a flour mill, about twelve stores, several shops and quite a number of good homes. It is located on a ridge containing a natural grove of trees, from which the town derives its name, and is noted for its healthful surroundings. Early in January, 1922, a disastrous fire occurred at Grove in which five store buildings and their contents were destroyed, entailing a loss of $40,000. Already work has begun in rebuilding the burnt district and the old buildings will soon be replaced by new and more substantial structures. Upon the admission

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