Rogers County

Claremore Mound, Rogers County, Oklahoma

The Cherokees point with pride to a rugged, rocky hill near Claremore, county seat of Rogers County, called Claremore Mound, as the scene of a victory won by them in a battle with the Osage. The Battle of Claremore Mound was fought in the Summer of 1828, before many Cherokees had settled in Indian Territory, but they were westward bound and many of them were temporarily camped in Arkansas. The Osage were a roving tribe of half-civilized Indians who claimed all of Eastern Indian Territory and a portion of what is now Western Arkansas, as their hunting grounds and they […]

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Claremore, Rogers County, Oklahoma Radium Wells

Claremore has attained an enviable reputation as a health resort on account of the curative properties of the mineral water discovered there about twenty years ago. In 1903, Mr. G. W. Eaton, assisted by a number of friends, drilled a well within the limits of the city, hoping to find oil or gas. At the depth of about eleven hundred feet they struck artesian water, and in going farther into the bowels of the earth they found two more veins, which, as the drill was withdrawn, began to overflow the surrounding surface with water that threw off odorous gas, and

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Claremore, Rogers County, Oklahoma

Claremore, the county. seat and principal city of Rogers County, is located in the south central part of the county at the junction of the Missouri Pacific (Iron Mountain) with the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad. It was named after Claremore, chief of the Osage Indians, who, with about four hundred of his band, was killed in the battle with the, Cherokees. The town was first started about two and one-half miles from the present location, and John Bullette, A. H. Norwood and John Cobb were among the pioneer merchants. Norwood is said to have been the first postmaster..

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Rogers County, Oklahoma

Rogers County, formerly an important section of the northwestern part of the Cherokee Nation, contains about seven hundred square miles of land, nearly all of which is well adapted to raising all of the staple crops of that latitude. The Cherokees were quick to recognize the excellent natural advantages of that vicinity and for nearly a century some of the leading Cherokee families have resided there. The white farmer and prospective investor, in search of a good agricultural location, eagerly watched and waited for the time to arrive when he could. legally purchase Indian lands. Some white farmers secured leases

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Oklahoma Military Academy

The Oklahoma Military Academy is one of the institutions of which the citizens of Claremore are justly proud. It was established in 1919 as a state school and receives support from the Federal Government. It is located in the western suburbs of Claremore, near the historic battleground of Claremore Mound. Under the supervision of Col. S. M. Barrett, its president, it has made excellent progress and bids fair to become one of the leading educational institutions of the state. Colonel Barrett’s wide acquaintance throughout the state and his standing among the educators have aided materially in giving the academy the

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Rogers County, Oklahoma History

Toward the close of the war, he was compelled to flee to Texas, in company with a good many of his comrades. After peace was declared, he returned to the Cherokee Nation penniless, but still retaining his courageous spirit. He worked for wages for awhile, and as he began to regain his lost fortune, he embarked in business for himself and accumulated a comfortable fortune. He held numerous positions of honor and trust in the Cherokee Nation, engaged extensively in farming and in 1896 he assisted in organizing the First National Bank of Claremore, it being the first National bank

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Rogers County, Oklahoma Towns

Chelsea Chelsea, one of the important towns of Rogers County, is located in the northeastern corner of the county on the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad. It is surrounded by an excellent agricultural neighborhood and the farmers of that section of the state are rather above the average in intelligence and progressiveness. All the crops of the temperate zone are produced in abundance, corn, wheat, oats and hay, being the principal crops upon which the farmers depend. Quite a good deal of attention is given, also, to the livestock industry and gradual improvement is being made in the grade

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