Nowata County

Nowata, Nowata County, Oklahoma

The City of Nowata, the county seat, is located in the south central section of the county on the St. Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad, not far from the Verdigris River. It is now a flourishing city of 5,000 people and is supplied with a system of water works, electric lights, telephones, natural gas, paved streets, cement sidewalks and all modern conveniences usually found in an up-to-date city of its size. It is surrounded by rich farm land, which is especially adapted to small grain. This is also an ideal dairying and stock raising country. The City of Nowata is […]

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Nowata County, Oklahoma

Nowata County is located in the northern part of the state bordering on the State of Kansas and lying between Craig and Washington counties. It contains more than five hundred square miles of land, nearly all being of good quality, capable of producing good crops. In the olden days when the cattle men. had control of the greater part of this country, that portion now included in Nowata County was much sought after on account of its nutritious prairie grass and the abundant supply of water. In their drives to the northern markets with great herds of fat cattle the

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Nowata County, Oklahoma History

Nowata has seven churches, representing an investment of $130,000, which are served by able ministers. The churches exercise a wider and deeper uplifting influence than the average church of the modern day. They represent a membership of over fifteen hundred, an average Sunday morning attendance of over twelve hundred and a Sunday school attendance of over one thousand. Nowata has a live Rotary Club, devoting most of its energies toward Boys’ Work, a hustling Lions’ Club, whose activities are along the lines of civic improvements, a large Community Club composed of citizens not only of the City of Nowata, but

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Nowata County, Oklahoma ~ Towns

Delaware The Town of Delaware is located on the Iron Mountain Railroad about five miles north of Nowata. It, too, has profited by the discovery of oil and natural gas and is now a prosperous little city of 1000 people. It has built up a good public school system, including a good high school department, ten public school teachers being employed. It maintains several churches and Sunday schools, and has several civic clubs which are a credit to the town. Delaware has two banks, a system of waterworks and a number of stores, some of which furnish supplies for the

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