Nowata County, Oklahoma ~ Towns


The Town of Delaware is located on the Iron Mountain Railroad about five miles north of Nowata. It, too, has profited by the discovery of oil and natural gas and is now a prosperous little city of 1000 people.

It has built up a good public school system, including a good high school department, ten public school teachers being employed. It maintains several churches and Sunday schools, and has several civic clubs which are a credit to the town. Delaware has two banks, a system of waterworks and a number of stores, some of which furnish supplies for the oil drillers of that vicinity. It is located but a short distance from the Verdigris River and is a good trading point for the prosperous farmers of that section of the country.


Lenapah is a growing little city of 600 inhabitants, located on the-railroad about six miles north of Delaware. It is surrounded by a good farming community and has its share of oil and natural gas. The gas has been piped to the village and furnishes fuel for the homes and shops. One of the earliest oil fields discovered in this section of the state was located just west of Lenapah and at the time of its discovery it was regarded as being one of the most profitable fields in that neighborhood. Ever since the railroad arrived Lenapah has been a good shipping point, much of the freight going to and from some of the inland towns being loaded and unloaded here. Quite a number of well developed farms adjacent to the town assist in making it a busy little place.

    Lenapah has two banks, several churches and, considering the size of the town, it has an unusually good public school system. Ten teachers constitute its faculty, and in addition to the common school grades, it maintains a very good high school.


The prosperous little town of Wann is situated in the northwestern part of Nowata on a branch of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad extending from Parsons, Kan., to Oklahoma City. It has a population of 500, supports several churches, a bank, several good general stores and a good public school, with all the grades from the primary up to and including a high school, eight teachers being employed.

There are several little towns in Nowata County which are not fortunate enough to be located on any railroad, -but which have good stores and schools, the most important of these villages being Alluwe. One of the first discoveries of oil in this section of the state was made near Alluwe and if it could have secured a railroad, it might have developed into quite a city. It is located in the southeastern part of the county, very near the Verdigris River and is a good rural trading point. It has several good stores, churches and a very good public school in which eight teachers are employed.

Nowata County has the reputation of being one of the most progressive counties in Oklahoma. Its citizenship consists of progressive men who have come from all parts of the United States, mostly of the younger class, very few being of foreign birth. Its farmers manifest the progressive spirit by improving the standard of their livestock and by studying the improved methods of farming. The citizens of the county are in favor of building permanent roads and are justly proud of their fine county courthouse, a handsome three story brick and Bedford stone building, finished on the inside with marble and hardwood. It is a building of which any county might be proud and it evidences the liberal and progressive spirit of the citizens of the county.

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