The Puckett Family at Big Jake Crossing

History of Oklahoma, Indian Territory and Homeseeker’s Guide

Mr. Puckett spend most of his life working around the Oklahoma Territory.  With his wife in ill health they traveled together over the Indian Territory and Oklahoma in hopes that she might regain her health. 

The Puckett Family at Big Jake Crossing

Believing that his knowledge will be worth something to people seeking homes in the new country, he decided to put his memories into a book. When he speaks of any part of this country it is not hearsay, it is what he actually knew from his own experiences. 

Mr. Puckett at the writing of this book, 1906, still owned a good farm twelve miles southwest of Vinita with over 300 acres.

Source: Puckett, J. L. and Ellen. History of Oklahoma and Indian Territory and Homeseeker’s guide. Vinita, Oklahoma, Chieftain Publishing Company, 1906.

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