Mayes County, Oklahoma Towns


     Choteau is a town of 700 inhabitants located in the southern part of Mayes County, ten miles south of Pryor. It is located in a prairie section and is surrounded by a good farming community. While all the ordinary crops of corn, cotton, wheat, oats, etc., are produced in abundance, this section of the state is specially noted for its superior quality of prairie hay, great quantities of which are shipped to northern markets. Many owners of horses prefer this hay to the timothy of the country further north. Choteau has the usual number of stores and shops found in any town of its size and is a good trading point. It also has several churches and a good public school in which seven teachers are employed.


     Adair is located in the northern part of Mayes County, ten miles north of Pryor, and resembles Choteau in its makeup and surroundings, but is not quite as large. It, too, employees seven public school teachers and maintains a good school system.
Salina is a town of 500 people, located on the K. O. & G. Railroad, on the banks of the Grand River, twelve miles east of Pryor. Although a comparatively new town, it is located in an old settled and well known section of the old Cherokee Nation. It adjoins the site of the old Cherokee Orphan Asylum which existed many years before the railroad penetrated that section of the country. A new railroad is now being projected from near Salina toward the timbered portion of Delaware County. Salina takes its name from the salt springs which were famous in the olden times. The fertile valley of the Grand River contains numerous good farms which assist in making Salina a good trading point.

Locust Grove

     Locust Grove is a town of about seven hundred inhabitants located on the railroad ten miles south of Salina. It, too, derives some trade from the nearby Grand River Valley farms, and some of its surrounding uplands are good agricultural lands. Locust Grove maintains a first rate public school of eight teachers and has a number of good stores and churches.

Other Towns

The other towns of Mayes County are Choteau and Adair, on the M., K. & T. Railroad, and Murphy, Locust Grove, Salina and Strang, on the K. O. & G. Railroad.

Strang and Pensacola are prosperous little towns located on the K. O. & G. Railroad, in the northern part of Mayes County.

Source: Benedict, John D. Muskogee and northeastern Oklahoma, including the counties of Muskogee, McIntosh, Wagoner, Cherokee, Sequoyah, Adair, Delaware, Mayes, Rogers, Washington, Nowata, Craig, and Ottawa. 3 v. illus., ports., facsims. 28 cm. Chicago, S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1922.

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